Why We Should Be Like the Little Drummer Boy

The “Little Drummer Boy” has always been my favorite Christmas song. When I was younger, the “pa rum pum pum pum” was the part I could not get enough of. I was constantly rolling my “Rs” to really get the full effect. Does any one remember the episode of Saturday Night Live where Mary Catherine Galliger sang with Whitney Houston? It is still to this day, one of the funniest things I’ve seen!

I digress…

Recently, I heard a new version of the song, and I LOVE it! I’ve mentioned before that I sang in a choir most of my youth and young adult life, so when I hear a piece of music sung well, it really resonates with me.

Check it out… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJ_MGWio-vc

So, as I listened to this version, something hit me. I try not to get overly religious about things, but when you think about the premise of the song, I can not think of a song that applies better to how we should live our lives, especially at this time of year.

So stay with me… The little boy only had his talent, his skill, his ability to play the drums. He had the confidence and belief in himself to play his drum for a “king”. He didn’t stop to think, “nope, not good enough, I should just stay at home”. OK, I guess technically he did for a second, but he rallied and pulled it together. He didn’t let the circumstances of his life (being a “poor boy too”, or being young) stop him from working to achieve greatness in his own right.

He didn’t doubt his talent. He offered the greatest gift he had, and that was the talents he was given.

His reward, Mary and the baby Jesus smiled and nodded in approval!

So, I’m guilty! Sometimes, I think, “Colene, who do you think you are to be a Coach”? OR “(insert name here) is way better at (insert talent or skill here) than you are”. Why wouldn’t my talents, that I have worked hard to develop and grow and nurture, be enough?

When was the last time you had the confidence that your talent, your skill, was enough?

When was the last time you felt you were really showing people your gifts.

If you had the opportunity of the lifetime to showcase your talent, would you rise to the challenge?

You owe it to yourself, to others, and to the world to believe in your talents and share them with the world. I’m not saying everyone is destined to be famous, but everyone really has the ability to be great in their own right.

Here’s a question for you: What talent are you holding back on? What scares you about showcasing your talent?

This holiday season, and beyond, I want you to think of the Little Drummer Boy! I want you to take pride in what you have to offer the world, and share that gift with others.

Plus, you can have fun rolling your “Rs”…  rum pum pum pum…

XOXO- Colene


3 thoughts on “Why We Should Be Like the Little Drummer Boy

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