Here is my (semi) professional bio:

Colene is a Human Resources professional known for building strategic relationships to drive results and “get things done”. She is the owner of Be More Consulting. In her Human Resources career, Colene worked successfully with individuals, in various organizations, to build effective and efficient practices and processes. As a certified mediator, she learned how to leverage win-win solutions to complex problems. Colene is passionate about people, serving customers, and delivering high impact results. She is a dynamic trainer, offering an interactive and innovative approach to learning and development. She is a life coach, and works with individuals aspiring to “Be More… ”

Colene has a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology, and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. In her spare time, Colene enjoys Bikram (hot) yoga, serving various roles with the Junior League of Lexington, and spending time with her family and friends.

A bit more about who I am…

  • I AM the coolest person you have not met… yet!

  • I am a Kentuckian by way of California and Texas.

  • I love sweet tea with lemon (and sometimes mint).

  • I love all types of music: Showtunes, Country, Hip-Hop, Hymns, and anything by Justin Timberlake!

  • Laughing is the most powerful medicine for the soul. I laugh often.

  • I’ve never met a stranger, and have always been a talker. In second grade, I got a C+ in conduct for talking to much. Some things never change…

  • I’m also an expert listener. I have a discerning ear and a keen ability to help people see what they don’t always see for themselves.

  • I am by far the best little sister my siblings could have asked for. Yes, I am the youngest!

  • My nephews ROCK!

  • My career in human resources provided me with a keen insight into relationships, conflict resolution, and developing individuals to achieve.

  • I already think you’re pretty awesome!


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